Intermediate Chinese Heritage Group Class
May 2024 Cohort

This course is tailored for Chinese heritage learners, who may not have learned Mandarin systematically. You maybe understand basic daily Mandarin, have a good 'sense' of the language, but struggle with or lack confidence in extended conversations. We aim to:

  • expand your vocabulary across various topics
  • foster a stronger connection with Mandarin Chinese      
  • boost speaking confidence
  • improve your conversational skills overall. 
  • Level:
  • 8 weeks:
    May 13 - July 5, 2024

  • Live session time:
    Tues & Thurs
    7 - 7:50pm EDT 

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The struggles of Chinese-heriage learners

Really, I developed this course in response to my students' requests.

Many students approached me expressing interest in joining a group class, but we couldn't find one that fit their needs perfectly. Coming from Chinese-speaking households, their listening skills and pronunciation are often better than those of non-Chinese heritage students at the same level. However, their vocabulary is limited to basic household items and activities. They find it challenging to speak up, either due to a lack of vocabulary or simply a lack of confidence.

If this resonates with you, then perhaps this course is for you.

✌️ Sometimes, all you need is just to get comfortable with speaking. 

Often Chinese-heritage students think their Mandarin "sucks", yet once we start conversing, they burst out: "Oh, I know this word! Oh, I've heard my parents say it!"

They are all there, those words and expressions, but they are tucked away in the corners of your memories. And because of that, confidence of speaking fades as well. 

However, as we begin discussing a variety of topics together, all those buried words resurface. And most importantly, you start feeling much more comfortable speaking.

🗣️ The level of content is customized to your level.

Due to varying exposure to Mandarin/Cantonese, Chinese-heritage students' language levels can vary widely.

In this course, we aim to assist low to mid-intermediate level students. You can engage in simple conversations, discussing yourself or your day, but may struggle with providing more details.

Our primary focus is to enrich your vocabulary across a range of everyday topics, enabling you to converse in greater detail. Additionally, we will delve into deeper subjects such as love, family values, career, and finances, empowering you to express your opinions with confidence. We will also integrate more content on Chinese culture and society, fostering a deeper connection with your heritage.

Given your good sense of the language and enhanced listening skills, the class will progress at a faster pace compared to classes for non-Chinese-heritage students.

Please ensure to schedule a language assessment with me to confirm that this course aligns well with your needs.

⚡ If you are comfortable having conversations on a variety of daily topics, but aspire to enhance your proficiency on deeper subjects, check out our Mandarin Proficiency Hub programs.

Please schedule a language assessment to determine if the class suits you!

Course Details

Class Dates:

May 14 - July 5, 2024 for 8 weeks

Class Time:

  • Live sessions:
    Tues & Thurs, 
7 - 7:50pm EDT (check my time zone)

If you'd like to join, but none of the time slots work for you, please
let me know your availability. We might open new sessions if there are enough interests.

Who is this course for?

This course is for learners of Chinese heritage who can have some simple daily conversations, but struggle to hold more detailed or in-depth chats. You are somewhat at the low-intermediate level.

⚡ If you haven't, please book a language assessment call with me.

Refund Policy

Refund is only available BEFORE the class starts.
Meet the instructor

Jun Wu

Hi friends, I'm Jun. I've been teaching Chinese language and culture for over a decade, and hold a B.A. in Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language, and a M.Ed in Curriculum Design and Teaching Methodology.

As a life-long language learner myself, I know what it’s like to feel stuck and lost when learning a second language. Now after having lived and taught in three different countries to students of all levels and ages, from elementary school to university courses, I'm fascinated not only by the differences among cultures, but how much we share in common. 

Together, we will make this learning process fun while making meaningful connections along the way!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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