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(Next cohort starts in August, 2024)

This this 8-week course is designed for learners of high HSK4 and above to hone your listening and speaking skills with 

  • real-world video materials     
  • highly interactive live sessions
  • small group of 3-6 students
  • daily exercises with personalized feedback
  • community support.

  • Level:
    High HSK4 and above
  • 8 weeks:
    August, 2024

  • Live session time:
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Let's hold more meaningful conversations
in Mandarin.

Have you been learning Mandarin for a while, but are struggling to find opportunities to use it, or to move beyond basic conversations - small talk on repeat with friends and family, stuck when trying to express deeper thoughts? 

I admit that small talk is a real hurdle for me.🙄 That's why I designed this program to provide my students opportunities to be immersed in authentic Mandarin and discuss real-life topics beyond the basics.

📚 First, let's change up the learning materials.  

We'll ditch those scripted and stiff textbooks because this course is all about using the latest real-world videos. We delve into Chinese daily life and explore current trends via reality tv shows, talk shows, standup comedies, and more.

In each cohort, we'll focus on two major themes, such as spending habits, social life, mental health, etc. Under each theme, there are three chapters covering specific sub-topics, like "Consumerism Trap", "Exquisite Poverty", "Decluttering". Each week, we'll go through one chapter, with review sessions on the 4th and 8th weeks - to help you better consolidate your knowledge and skills.

This means you'll
encounter some core words multiple times for better retention, while expanding your vocabulary within the relevant context.

🗣️ Now, let's dive into live sessions for interactions, feedback, and accountability.

The key to language learning success is consistency. But what if you are struggling to stick to your study routine? Learning with a group can make a significant difference.

Join a 90-min weekly live session with an intimate group of 3 to 6 students for live interactions and feedback. Here, the focus is all on sharpening your listening and speaking skills. Summarize content of the video in your own words, practice constructing sentences, share your thoughts on topics of discussion, and collaborate on group activities such as role-play and debate. We'll play fun games to practice vocabulary and speaking longer paragraphs in our review sessions.

In addition, you will have access to our exclusive online community, where I will post daily quick exercises on weekdays and end-of-week speaking projects, all of which you will get personalized feedback on. 

These elements are designed to improve your accountability, maintain consistency, and provide structured learning, helping you overcome procrastination.

"I'm interested in signing up."

Please book a quick language assessment call with me to be placed with students closest to your level!

  • "What do I get when I enroll?"

  • Virtual Classes - 90 min x 1 / week
  • Small group (3-6 students); interactive, inclusive, and speaking focused classes
  • Six chapters of 6 topics under 2 themes

  • Each cohort features different themes. For this cohort, it's Anxieties in Life & Social Life.
  • Extensive Learning Materials
  • Each chapter includes:
    warm-up activities, intro video from Jun, real-life video material,
    study notes (new words, grammar, and transcripts), flashcards, quizz, a speaking project.
  • Community Support
  • Exclusive online community for mini daily questions on weekdays.
    Personalized feedback on your daily exercise and speaking project.
  • Additional Access 
  • Downloadable PDF study notes, life-time access to live session recordings,
    12-month access to the learning materials.

Course Details

Class Dates:


Class Time:

  • Group 1: 
  • Group 2:

If you'd like to join, but none of the time slots work for you, please let me know your availability. We might open new sessions if there are enough interests.

Who is this course for?

This course is for learners between the higher end of HSK 4 to HSK 6, or Chinese-heritage learners who haven't studied Mandarin systematically but want to improve speaking skills.

💡You will be placed in one of the groups with students closest to your level. If you haven't, please book an assessment call with me.

Refund Policy

Try out the classes for a week. If you do not like the class, you'll be refunded for the remaining hours. 
Meet the instructor

Jun Wu

Hi friends, I'm Jun. I've been teaching Chinese language and culture for over a decade, and hold a B.A. in Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language, and a M.Ed in Curriculum Design and Teaching Methodology.

As a life-long language learner myself, I know what it’s like to feel stuck and lost when learning a second language. Now after having lived and taught in three different countries to students of all levels and ages, from elementary school to university courses, I'm fascinated not only by the differences among cultures, but how much we share in common. 

Together, we will make this learning process fun while making meaningful connections along the way!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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