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This is a free sample lesson of our Mandarin Proficiency Hub program, which is developed from real-world video materials, e.g. reality TV shows, stand-up comedy, interviews, and more.

Benefit from our rich learning materials including warm-up activities, intro video, detailed study notes, extensive self-assessment, and flashcards!

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Meaningful conversations from
real-life video content.

This program is designed to provide my students opportunities to be immersed in authentic Mandarin and discuss real-life topics beyond the basics.

This course is all about using the latest real-world videos. We delve into Chinese daily life and explore current trends via reality tv shows, talk shows, stand-up comedy, and more.

There are big themes, such as spending habits, social life, mental health, etc. Under each theme, there are three chapters covering specific sub-topics, like "Consumerism Trap", "Exquisite Poverty", "Decluttering".  This means you'll encounter some core words multiple times for better retention, while expanding your vocabulary within the relevant context.

Each chapter includes: warm-up activities, intro video from me, real-life video material, study notes (new words, grammar, and transcripts), flashcards, quizz, a speaking project.

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